New Tractor (to me) and Control Freaks – MDW352

I got a new (to me) 49 year old tractor!

It’s a 1971 JD112 lawn TRACTOR (not a just a lawn mower). The pic is from the night I got it here. I’ve replaced the tires, put on Wheel weights and tire chains. Installed the snow blower attachment and got it all ready for winter.  I got all my winter stuff done because winter isn’t really here yet. It’s been a mild fall and it gave me time to really get things done outside.

I talk about the elite control freaks running our states and cities and play a clip from a “Funny” but not so funny video on YouTube.

It’s a little too real to be “funny” but maybe if we use funny in it’s other definition as “Strange” or “Weird”, maybe it’s “funny”.

Hope you and yours are doing fine.

Catch me next time…