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Mike Dell’s World #206 – RIP – Mike Dell's World

*** WARNING ***  NOT SAFE FOR WORK – NOT FAMILY SAFE  – I earned my Explicit tag Tonight.

Podshow Inc.  – went offline this week.

I play a BUNCH of music that was from the Podsafe Music Network (and some others) in tribute to the demise of Mevio. As of this post, the podsafe Music Network (now Music Alley) is still online, but who knows for how long?

I played:

Banjo Boy – Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band
Karma – Anthony Hugh
Getting Old – Steve Goodie – FUMP
If you want to say F$@k say F$@K – Steve Goodie – FUMP
Boogers – Asylum Street Spankers
Brown Boogers – Steve Goodie – FUMP
Broken Hearted Man – Kevin Reeves
Fly Fly Fly – Adrina Thorpe
Growing Old With You – Paul and Storm
Your Love – Paul and Storm
Stupid as Charged – Carrie Dahlby and Devo Spice
Twitter Tweeten' – Carrie Dahlby
Taylor's Freebird – Todd Taylor

Thanks for listening to my indigence in music tonight.  Back to your regularly scheduled Mike Dell's World next time!