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Mike Dell’s World #164 – GangstaGrass? – Mike Dell's World

I talk about a new music group I found. – it's a little weird, but cool just the same. *** warning, not completely work safe***

Listen for the super secret codeword for the Summer of podcasts II contest in this episode. Go to and put the code in for a chance to win. Also check out these podcasts for more chances to win:

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Mike Dell's World (you are here)

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I played music from: Gangstagrass, Big money Grip and Jimmie Bratcher

I talked about the passing of Capt. Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, an Alaskan Crab boat from the Discovery Show “the Deadliest Catch” and I play a tribute to Phil by Mike Rowe.

Not much else going on around here.

I started another podcast (Oh yeah, Like I need that) called “So, You Want To Podcast?” over at (a real crappy domain name huh?) or (a bit better but still crappy!) It's a show about podcasting and how to set things up the right way.

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Mike Dell’s World #163 – Dumbass – Mike Dell's World

I talk about the Cherry Fest and our trip north with some guy in a big hurry.

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I played some music from

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