Monthly Archives: June 2009

Mike Dell’s World #128 – Yet more inside podcasting – Mike Dell's World

I'm testing out a new home studio setup. PLEASE let me know, good or bad, how you think it sounds..

Yes, I know the clips were louder then my voice.. I will get that worked out before the next recording.

Have a great day!

Happy first full day of Summer!!


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Mike Dell’s World #127 – pco09 Rap Up – Mike Dell's World

I talk about Podcamp Ohio and some other stuff from a Motel in Columbus.

I also talk about the Geek Of the North.

I play a tune from Frostbitten Grass.

I'm on my way home this morning (Sunday). Happy Father's day to all that it applies to!


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Mike Dell’s World #125 – Portable Setup Testing – Mike Dell's World

I test out the new portable MDW Studios on my kitchen table.

I got a Blue Snowball mic and the Macbook running Ubercaster (no, I don't know how to put the little dots over the “U”)

Anyway, also got to test out the skype recording with Jim Farley of What's Up With That? Podcast

Hope it all sounds ok.. Let me know what you think!


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Mike Dell’s World #124 – Mike Dell's World

Mobile podcast from the road. I travel down US131 in Michigan talking about Libertarian views as opposed to Democrat or Republican views. A little rant about a few other things.

*** Audio quality is a bit bad. this is strait off from my sony recorder without any processing.

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