Monthly Archives: April 2009

Mike Dell’s World #119 – A mixed bag of stuff – Mike Dell's World Bobby Yang live in the Studio (Recorded)

I play a couple of other tunes from Garage Band.

I chat with some ustreamers …

Be sure to catch my ustream Tuesday night at 7pm for the Folk Aire show on WNMC OR just listen at (much better sound this way)

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Mike Dell’s World #118 – Dead pilot – Mike Dell's World

I play a couple of tunes. I talk about a news story where a Private Pilot and passenger in a King Air finds himself at the controls when the Pilot in command collapses and dies in the pilots seat. I have the Air Traffic Control audio of the ATC guy talking the King Air down to a safe landing at Fort Meyers airport in Florida.

I talk about 1 of the 2 things I couldn't talk about before now. Stand by for #2 in the coming weeks.


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Mike Dell’s World #117 – What’s Up With That? #53 – Mike Dell's World

Today's podcast is 5 days late. It's a mobile lunch break podcast with a song. I will be back to my normal schedule on Monday.

Say a prayer for Jim Farley. He's undergoing Shoulder replacement Surgery in Columbus today.

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