Audio and Video Podcast Update – MDW358

I have a video feed now. It’s going to be a “VLOG” type thing. You can subscribe to it separate. They will NOT be the same content. Sometimes it will be video and sometimes it will be audio.

I talked about my upcoming eye surgeries, Plowing snow with my 50 year old tractor, Restaurants in Traverse City and a few other things.

My new video channel is here:  Check it out!

Trip Down Memory Lane – MDW357

I was working on a project and ran across some old Podsafe music.

SO, to take your mind off the crazy going on in the world, I play a few podsafe songs and reminisce about the beginning of podcasting.

You get to hear from Jim Farly, Josh Woodward, Adrinia Thorpe, Hot Buttered Rum and even my wife Kathy and Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff.

Fun stuff.

20:15 skipto a random spot.

Soapbox Fun – Mike Rants a Bit – MDW356

I got on my soapbox today about what is going on in the world.

Relying on the Social media and mainstream press is not working for us now. Not sure what to do about it, but I”m done.

You will have to just listen to see what I talked about 😉

*** Trigger warning ***  I got into some politics things.

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Merry Christmas Week! Tractors and Model A Fords – MDW354

1931 Model A Tudor Sedan in Black
I goofed, this is MDW 354

Had some tractor stuff I did today.  Got the lights on it and promptly broke a tie rod.  Lucky I have the spare tractors to take parts off.  All is back working as it should.


I talk about wanting to get a Model A maybe as a driver car.  OR  a “zipcode” car.


Our Governer has extended the restaruant shutdown in Michign 🙁 Boo!

Everyone have a Merry Christmas!

John Deere 112 with Snowblower, new headlights and the left wheel off

Headlights and Taking Podcasting More Seriously – MDW353

I talk about trying to find headlights for my old tractor and how it’s impossible to find them locally (at the right price or size).

The ham radio stuff I talked about was the SMASH (Sunday Morning Amateur Social Hour) on 3935khz every Sunday at 9am.  (Local to Michigan / Ontario area)
and the IOOK (International Order of Krazies) net on 7185khz at 10:30am (eastern).

I also talk about Podcast Help Desk going 2 times a week (Wednesday and Saturday) and is now a companion show to Podcast Insider. (by Blubrry). It’s my “Help Mike take podcasting more seriously improvement program”.

I’ve been podcasting nearly 16 years and never really took it past a hobby.

This show (although not “scheduled”) is going to be every Sunday if I can (and do have something to say that week).

Not sure what I’m going to do about the weather brief shows.   Something to ponder.