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Audio and Video Podcast Update – MDW358

February 20, 2021

I have a video feed now. It's going to be a "VLOG" type thing. You can subscribe to it separate. They will NOT be the same content. Sometimes it will be video and sometimes it will be audio.


Trip Down Memory Lane – MDW357

January 18, 2021

So, to take your mind off the crazy going on in the world, I play a few podsafe songs and reminisce about the beginning of podcasting. 


Soapbox Fun – Mike Rants a Bit – MDW356

January 10, 2021

I got on my soapbox today about what is going on in the world. 


Goodbye 2020! – MDW355

December 28, 2020

Just a quick update talking about Christmas and traveling.  Possible new car and the fact that 2020 is OVER very soon.  Good deal. 


Merry Christmas Week! Tractors and Model A Fords – MDW354

December 21, 2020

Had some tractor stuff I did today. Talked about maybe getting a Model A Ford and some other stuff!


Headlights and Taking Podcasting More Seriously – MDW353

December 13, 2020

I talk about trying to find headlights for my old tractor and how it's impossible to find them locally (at the right price or size).   Also, the "Help Mike take podcasting more seriously improvement program".


New Tractor (to me) and Control Freaks – MDW352

December 05, 2020

I got a new (to me) 49 year old tractor! I talk about the elite control freaks running our states and cities and play a clip from a "Funny" but not so funny video on YouTube.


Quick update – Covid in the house and new podcaster toys – MDW351

October 29, 2020

Just a really quick update after nearly 2 months. We had some Covid in the house. All is well now. The new Studio/Office is 99% finished. New podcasting things going on under the hood. I will be doing NaPodPoMo again this year on PodcastHelpDesk.com.


The NEW Mike Dell’s World Studio – MDW350

September 05, 2020

Just a description of the episode typed into the description tag. Lots of pics of my studio construction and the finished product.


Leaving Spotify – Please resubscribe at MikeDell dot com

August 30, 2020

Just a quick note to let you know I will no longer be on Spotify with this show. IF you are listening there, please go to mikedell.com and resubscribe using another platform by September 7th, 2020. - Thank You! - Episode 350 will be next week.


I HATE Wearing a Mask! – mdw349

July 08, 2020

Let me know if you see this text and where. Otherwise, enjoy the show!


March 59th, 2020 Groundhog Day – MDW348

April 29, 2020

A lunchtime update mostly about being home and locked down. I talk about; Politics Drugs TV Work Zoom Meetings Ham Radio Gas Prices All the things going on here.   ZjHLwsoDmG63O8zW7NyB


Due to Recent Events in the News – MDW347

March 31, 2020

Just a mini-rant / update from the Bunker at Mike Dell’s World Studios in Traverse City Michigan.  Talking about censorship and other things due to the “Recent events in the news”.   Hope all of you are safe and healthy!


Truckers, Restaurant Workers, eNASCAR and Airlines with a Guest – MDW346

March 22, 2020

Did this sort of live via Zoom.  Had Shawn Thorpe ( shawn.mx ) drop by and we had a great talk about the issues with the current situation with Trucker, Restaurants and the Airlines among other things. We also talked about eSports and the fact that NAS...


Why Toilet Paper? – MDW345

March 15, 2020

Why are people hoarding Toilet Paper?   I don’t know.   BUT it is happening. Check out this article from Time Magazine  I talk about the COVID-19 outbreak and some of the things to think about and wonder about.    I have no “FACTS”.  Nobody does.


Daylight Waisting Time – MDW344

March 08, 2020

My thoughts on Daylight Saving Time: Leave it on DST year around Later Sunrise right now sucks Dogs can’t figure it out TV Networks Greedy or Stupid?  Same with Newspapers. Ham Radio APRS stuff Track me on APRS here:Blue Van: K8LMJ-9Orange Van: K8LMJ-8...


Website Updates and Rants – MDW343

March 02, 2020

I talk about the website hosting and some of the issues I have been having over the last few months.    (see Blog post here) Otherwise things are going well in the Northwoods!


Old-School Podcasting and Health Focus – MDW-342

February 21, 2020

A bit more of a health focus in our household. Kathy and I are doing "intermittent fasting" I need to get some weight back off.  I lost 30 pounds last year and put 15 back on. Doing some more walking, biking and general activity.


They said it couldn’t be done but yet here it is – MDW341

February 11, 2020

Quick phone update. Hope the sound doesn’t suck too badly 🙂


More Simplification Talk – MDW340

February 09, 2020

Update from an easy chair in a snow storm in Northern Michigan. - Simplifying things that have become a personal pain the ass has been a good thing over the last few months. I've cut down the podcasting hobby to this show (Mike Dell's World),


Simplify – Hobbies are Hobbies and Work is Work – MDW339

February 04, 2020

Simplifying my hobbies and life. - Listen to the show for details on this one 🙂 - MikeDell.com


Traverse City Podcast Launches on Monday! (now canceled) – MDW338

January 06, 2020

I am launching (relaunching really) the Traverse City Podcast.   The first real episode launches at 12:01 eastern time Monday morning. - If you are interested in Traverse City.  Live here, Snowbird from here or visit,


Weird Radio Things – MDW337

December 14, 2019

I talk about the Traverse City Podcast and a bunch about Radio and TV here in Northern Michigan. - On top that, I update what else is going on around here. - If you want to get subscribed to the Traverse City Podcast,


Your Nemesis Dies, Now what? – MDW336

November 12, 2019

When someone that is been your nemesis or arch enemy passes away.  Do you feed Happy, Sad, Guilty for being happy?   Not sure what to think. -  


Mobile Update – MDW335

November 11, 2019

Today's episode was recorded on my Mobile Podcasting setup while I was waiting to meet up with the Family for Sunday Brunch at J&S South Airport in Traverse City.  For the record, I had the patty-melt!  🙂 You wouldn't like it, it was delicious!


Snowmageddon – MDW334

November 07, 2019

Event:  Winter Weather Advisory Alert: ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 5 AM EST FRIDAY... - * WHAT...Lake effect snow showers will becoming better organized and persist through Friday morning. New snow accumulations of 4


TV Repack – Plan to Rescan! – MDW333

November 06, 2019

The FCC has been advertising on Podcasts.   Plan to Rescan is what I heard when my area was repacked. - For the local Traverse City peeps, here is what happened around here: - WWTV-9 increase from 45kw to 51.8kw / ch.40 change to ch.25 15kw


Castblaster, Rodecaster and UberCaster Blast From Podcasting Past – MDW332

November 05, 2019

I started out wanting talk about another subject and then was talking about the music I was play on the "castblaster" (really a Rodecaster Pro) and that sent me down Memory lane back to when Castblater was the software of choice for Podcasters "Live to...


Moving Websites – NaPodPoMo2019 – MDW331

November 04, 2019

Moving WordPress websites can be a pain.  It's worth the trouble, but DANG! it can be a pain. -   - I have 4 of the 6 I need to move moved already.   MikeDell.com is the last one and I have one more that is still broken 🙁   But,


New Office/Studio Plans – NaPodPoMo 2019 – MDW330

November 03, 2019

Day 3 of NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Posting Month) - I talk about the plans for my new office and studio I'm going to be building in my Garage. -  


NaPodPoMo Day 2 – MDW329

November 02, 2019

The boys are back in town!


NaPodPoMo 2019 – MDW328

November 01, 2019

Happy November Fools day!   Happy No Shave November!   Happy National Podcast Posting Month! - Starting today on NaPodPoMo 2019 here at Mike Dell's World Studio. - See ya tomorrow!


Bits and Pieces – MDW327

October 03, 2019

Just a bunch of bits and pieces of updates here and a little soapbox. - I talk about: Selling the pickup truck International Podcast Day sessions ( PodcastInsider.com and GeekNewsCentral.com) Cable cutter update


New Van and Other New Toys – MDW326

September 05, 2019

Just an update.    I talked about a few links: ByMeACoffee.com/mikedell OmeletteRadio.com Traverse City Weather (Alexa News Brief Skill and Daily Podcast) PodcastHelpDesk.com - I got a new Van.   A 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.


TV Cable Cutter Update – Better Than Rabbit Ears! – MDW325

July 03, 2019

Just an update about my cable cutting project. I found an amplifier that I got a long time ago when I *thought* we were going to cut the cable. It allows me to power 2 TV's with the same antenna setup. I wired that up tonight and we get everything a...


White Squirrels (Repost from 2009 with intro) – MDW324

June 28, 2019

Walking with the White Squirrels from September 2009. - Hopefully the reprocessed audio is better than it was. Sorry about the last episode's audio being low. Won't happen again 🙂


Quick Update with NEW TOYS! – MDW323

June 27, 2019

Just playing with a few new toys here. - Don't mind me 🙂


Cutting the Cable TV (again) – MDW322

June 15, 2019

I spent some time in the woods and recorded a bit about cutting the cable at the house for TV. - I put up a new antenna and now can get **some** local TV and it's just enough 🙂


I Think I May Have To Build an Ark – MDW321

June 12, 2019

It's been very rainy here in Traverse City lately. Lake Michigan is at a high water level which makes my basement into a bit of a swamp. - It's a cycle and it will go back down I'm sure. Lets hope for a hot and dry summer up here!


Answer the F$##%(NG question (repost) – MDW320

May 20, 2019

This needs to be said again.


Old Truck vs. New Car – MDW319

May 14, 2019

Should I buy a NEW car or an old truck? - Old trucks (and cars) are simple, analog, easy to work on and troubleshoot. New cars are full of crap like "Body Control Modules" and "Anti-lock brake controllers" Shit that cost a ton of money to do some...


The Day the Bearded Lady Died – MDW318

March 21, 2019

A short update on traveling and the spring thaw around here. -   - Stay tuned to the end to hear how the Bearded Lady Died (Andre Villoch)


Saturday Morning Update – MDW317

March 02, 2019

Hello from the Snowy white north! - Apple caused a panic in the Podcasting world this week and caused my week to be a bit weird.  I update you on what was going on and a bit about the weather (of course) -


Another Podcast? Really? – MDW316

February 11, 2019

I talk about an experiment I'm doing with another podcast service. Anchor.fm - See: https://anchor.fm/viewfromthenorth for this experiment. - Also found in all the podcast platforms. - Also, talk about my travel for the next few months.


Adventures in the Airport – MDW315

January 26, 2019

Recorded in Columbus Ohio after an Adventure in Flying in the winter. I spent 24+ hours at Detroit airport due to weather. It was an experiment in flying to the office in Columbus instead of driving. Result: Driving 6.5 hours. Flying 28 hours.


Beagles, Loss and Trucks from the Road – MDW314

January 14, 2019

Recording from the road. I talk about the loss of a spouse which has happened to a few of my friends lately. - I took Percy (the Beagle) down to Big Rapids for a home visit of a perspective beagle adopter for the MidWest Brew ( gotbeagles.


Winter Dark – MDW313

December 30, 2018

Testing out some music beds from podcastmusic.blburry.com and updating what is going on around here this winter. - I play "Winter Dark" (Like I do every year) - Hope your New Years Eve / Day has gone or will go good (This was recorded on the 30th ...


Christmas Shopping Mobile Recording – MDW312

December 22, 2018

Just a little recording while I drove between places doing some shopping. - I was trying out a new recorder setup in my old green truck. - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - My friend's Krazy Wabbit Show and his 12 days of "Irksmas".


Nostalgia – MDW311

November 30, 2018

I had a bit of nostalgia today driving around town in Traverse City and the Cherryland Mall (now called Cherryland Center and nearly empty). It's amazing the things you remember about things so long ago. - Also,


From the Basement Studio AT LAST! – MDW310

October 06, 2018

I made it!  I'm in the new studio.  This is the first podcast from the new Mike Dell's World Studio. -   - I know...  Big deal, talk about white squirrels