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Mike Dell’s World #190 – Podcaster or Broadcaster? – Mike Dell's World

Today I talk about the blog post over at Mike Dell's World where I wonder if the word “Podcast” has run is course.

I have re-branded this show as an “online radio show” and I am a Broadcaster because of it. Read the post and listen to the show to hear more.

I had breakfast this morning with Keven Reeves and a bunch of other geeks at the Traverse City Geek Breakfast. It was a great time!

I played some of Kevin's old music (from 2005 and 2006) in this show.

Wasted, Shine and Throw Me A line all from Music Alley and available other places I'm sure. Kevin just put out a new Album (if people still use that term) with his group “Crater Maker” which you can find at Amazon: and CD Baby: Kevin is working on another album of his own music (pop/rock) that should be out sometime this year. He's also playing some local gigs. I need to get out and see him live again!

Catch me LATER!