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Mike Dell’s World #190 – Podcaster or Broadcaster? – Mike Dell's World

Today I talk about the blog post over at Mike Dell's World where I wonder if the word “Podcast” has run is course.

I have re-branded this show as an “online radio show” and I am a Broadcaster because of it. Read the post and listen to the show to hear more.

I had breakfast this morning with Keven Reeves and a bunch of other geeks at the Traverse City Geek Breakfast. It was a great time!

I played some of Kevin's old music (from 2005 and 2006) in this show.

Wasted, Shine and Throw Me A line all from Music Alley and available other places I'm sure. Kevin just put out a new Album (if people still use that term) with his group “Crater Maker” which you can find at Amazon: and CD Baby: Kevin is working on another album of his own music (pop/rock) that should be out sometime this year. He's also playing some local gigs. I need to get out and see him live again!

Catch me LATER!

Is the word “Podcasting” a bad name for what we do? – Blog – Mike Dell's World

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future of what we now know as Podcasting. As most of us who are familiar with it will know, it is an online Radio (or TV) type show that is produced, uploaded and delivered to a person’s computer or mobile device by syndication (RSS). I got hooked … Continue reading Is the word “Podcasting” a bad name for what we do?