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Building Your Brand on Someone Else’s Platform – MDW303

I update my tobacco free status (3+ Weeks) and talk about Facebook, YouTube and whatnot. Just remember, no matter what other place I am at, I'm always going to be right here on

Also, Do you know of any other “Personal Journal” type podcasts like this one? I used to listen to a lot of them, but I sort of think this may be a dying art form. Let me know

Recording today was done with a Logitech Headset mic I got while I was in Ohio.  It's not the best, but I'm sure not the worst way to record a podcast 🙂



Quit Facebook?

With all the crazy news about Facebook and privacy, a lot of people are wanting to quit Facebook. I’m not one of them. I will stay on Facebook, but I’m making other plans (this website). I have a plan so that if Facebook somehow goes away, or I get fed up with it, or they kick me off it for some reason, people that know me can always come to Maybe we should all go back to the personal home page instead of building our brand on other’s platforms. With this website, I have my platform.

There was some news lately about YouTube (Google) banning gun related videos. Those people that *thought* they had a platform, no longer have a place to put out their videos. They have lost the connection to their audience.

That will not happen with me. will ALWAYS be my connection to my audicance (such as it is).

I will use YouTube, Blubrry, Apple, Google, twitter and Facebook to publish and promote things, but when all else fails, MY own website will be here.

Also, my rule is, if you are worried about someone getting your info, don’t put it on FACEBOOK! 🙂

Tobacco Free Soon – MDW302

I've been addicted Tobacco in various forms for the last (wow! long time) years…  I am finally going tobacco free totally starting in a few days.   Wish me luck!

I'm having some dental work done and after my appointment on Tuesday, I am going to quit all together.  Along with losing weight it's going to be hard, but I think it's time!

Again, wish me luck!

If you have any ideas on how to make it less difficult, please let me know. or on Facebook or Twitter.