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Building Your Brand on Someone Else’s Platform – MDW303

I update my tobacco free status (3+ Weeks) and talk about Facebook, YouTube and whatnot. Just remember, no matter what other place I am at, I'm always going to be right here on

Also, Do you know of any other “Personal Journal” type podcasts like this one? I used to listen to a lot of them, but I sort of think this may be a dying art form. Let me know

Recording today was done with a Logitech Headset mic I got while I was in Ohio.  It's not the best, but I'm sure not the worst way to record a podcast 🙂



Tobacco Free Soon – MDW302

I've been addicted Tobacco in various forms for the last (wow! long time) years…  I am finally going tobacco free totally starting in a few days.   Wish me luck!

I'm having some dental work done and after my appointment on Tuesday, I am going to quit all together.  Along with losing weight it's going to be hard, but I think it's time!

Again, wish me luck!

If you have any ideas on how to make it less difficult, please let me know. or on Facebook or Twitter.