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Things I Don’t Understand – MDW250 – Mike Dell's World

– Why would it be important to have the engine size or the type of transmission or whatever on your vehicle's outside? For that matter, other than pimping the auto manufacturer why would you even want their logo on your car?

– Left Lane driving on the freeway. My take on it.

– Why is it when people sports teams when they say “we won!”? Wouldn't be that “They” won? The Team in question. YOU just watched them win. Republicans and Democrats are like sports teams to people. They root for the Dems or the GOP and no matter what they do or say, it's ok with them. Instead of thinking about the issue at hand, they just blindly follow. Also, it seems if anyone says anything bad about the other side, it's believed when it's likely not true.

– Why does the USAF want to get rid of the A-10 ? If I were in charge of the military, I would change things up a LOT!