Monthly Archives: December 2017

Moving Snow – Episode 300 coming soon! – MDW299

I talk about moving the snow out of the driveway and what's coming up on MDW, Fast Food History and Podcast Help Desk in the first week of 2018.

Send me some feedback for show 300.   You can use the voicemail link on this page OR you can send me a file or just write


Airpods Test Podcast – MDW297

Almost sounds like I'm phoning it in. This short episode is from my Airpods as the Microphone on my Mac. Don't think I will use them for producing podcasts, but they are great at listening to podcasts.

Greetings from Ohio – MDW295

From a hotel room in Dublin Ohio, where I'm down here showing my face at the Blubrry offices, I just ramble a bit about this and that. Nothing to write home about but it was fun to setup the mobile gear in the hotel room anyway. 🙂

If The President Affects Your Life THAT Much, You Are Doing It Wrong! – MDW293

A mini political rant on my part.

Also, found some old voiceovers that were done my friend Jim Farley back in 2008 or so. Fun stuff.

On my way to Episode 300 on Jan 1st 2018.

SLOW DOWN in the Snow! – MDW292

Just read about a 25 year old that was killed in his driveway because someone went off the road an hit him.

Slow down people!

Winter is the time to relax, take it slow, read a book and above all, don't get in a hurry on the roads. You, and those around you, will live to tell about it.

We had some snow in the area and I played my traditional snow song for the first real snow in Traverse City this season.

Unseasonably Warm for December – Podcast Gear Giveaways by Blubrry – MDW291

As I recorded this at 10:20pm, it is 55-ish degrees outside. Very warm for this time of year this far north. I was able to do my leaf blowing yesterday and I should have been blowing snow. I'm not complaining, just saying … 😉

Going for 300 in 2017 so stay tuned for more episodes this month!

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