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Podsafe Music with Kevin Reeves – NaPodPoMo 21 – MDW281

I reminisce about the “good old days” of Podsafe music. My Friend Kevin Reeves was an early star of the Podsafe music world back then.
I play a couple of songs of his. You can check out the rest of his stuff here:

Battening Down the Hatches for Winter – NaPodPoMo 18 – MDW278

I’m getting ready for the winter by finishing the motorhome winterization, parking it out of the way and getting my snowblower (and ice auger) running and serviced up.

Also, I have 4 OSU vs. U of M tickets for sale. (Check them out here: if you are interested. I don’t want to have to go to the game. My easy chair is a much better view of the game 🙂 but if you have never been to the Big House, it’s worth doing it!

I also rant about the local TV stations.

Friday Ramblings – NaPodPoMo 17 – MDW277

The first episode of Fast Food History is out. Check it out over at This was the idea I had 2 weeks ago that nobody talked me out of. 🙂

Of course, this is my 17th entry in the 2017 NaPodPoMo for November 17th 2017.

Kicked or Licked? – NaPodPoMo 16 – MDW276

I played a couple of songs by Michael McGone (the old GEICO guy from the TV ads a few years back)

Also a funny inside Radio bit. (kicked vs. licked)

The picture is me 16 days into No Shave November ( got a sort of Santa look going on )

Ramblings for Wednesday – NaPodPoMo 15 – MDW275

Nothing in particular in this episode. Just me rambling about this and that.

I talk about:

– Radio
– NaPodPoMo
– No Shave November
– Blubrry PowerPress
– Secret Blubrry Project I’m testing (shhhhh)
– Noise 🙂


Fast Food History in Production – NaPodPoMo 13 – MDW273 – Mike Dell's World

I preview a few spots for my new show over at which will have the McDonald's Episdoe out on Friday.

Who knew our President did a McDonald's ad?

Go check out the rest of the National Podcast Posting Month shows at