Monthly Archives: March 2009

Mike Dell’s World #115 – Mike Dell's World


I play a couple of songs that have a few bad words in them.. Otherwise, it's a soapbox show. I rant about a few things and for not having much to say, I seemed to say a lot (Lkely too much)

Have fun!


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Mike Dell’s World #114 – More snow – Mike Dell's World

Part mobile podcast and part studio podcast..

Be sure to listen to the music and you will hear some bad singing and bad timing by yours truly..

Have Fun!


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Mike Dell’s World #113 – Adventures in broadcasting – Mike Dell's World

I talk about the weather (of course) and podcasting a bit. Then I talk about some of my adventures in broadcasting working at the local TV station.

I play music from Geoff Smith and Jonathan Colton and one more song.


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