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Mike Dell’s World #103 – Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009 – Mike Dell's World

I talk about 2008 in Podcasting
Looking forward to 2009

Links to the stuff I mentioned:
Mike Thinks News –
The Movie Podcast I forgot while I was talking –
The Quick and Dirty Tips Network –
Bill Creata's 5 Minute Podcast –
Trucker Tom's Podcast –
Mevio –
KeithCast –
Sleeperberth Cast with Curtis Cross –

I played the following music from the Podsafe Music Network
– Cold – by Ocean Street –
– Everything Changes – by Delaware –
– Till The Money Comes – by Jonathan Coulton –
– New Years Eve – by Maria Daines –



Mike Dell’s World #102 – Mike Dell's World

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I talk about snow, shed offices, the 24hr podcast, and a bunch of other stuff.

Music played today comes from the Podsafe Music Network –

–Lean Christmass – Devo Spice –
–Snowed in with the woman I love – Mark Erelli –
–Whisky in the jar – Dust Rhinos –
–Christmas Eve in the Trailer Park – Bill Kahler –
–I'm Not Crazy – Enda Reilly –


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Mike Dell’s World #101 – Mike Dell's World

Update from NW Michigan. I talk about a whole lot of stuff and play some Music. Check out the links below.

Killer Kona Buds – Butterball

Hot Buttered Rum – Always be the Moon

Brilliant Mistakes – Becoming

Jonathan Coluton – A Laptop Like you

Hot Buttered Rum – Idaho Pines