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Mike Dell’s World #170 – Charter internet – Mike Dell's World

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I tell the story about my “customer service” experience With Charter Cable and my Internet outage.

I played a song from Bobby Yang and his unrivaled players – His cover of Tom Sawyer by Rush
I played another song from Catie Curtis – My dad's yard off her CD Called “Hello, Stranger”
I also played Hansom Molly by Detour Bluegrass

I talked about the Warehouse district here In Traverse City and some of the “Artsy fartsy” places there.

Audition for Mac is out in Beta.. I plan on trying it out soon.

Thanks for listening!

Catch me later!


Charter Cable Internet FAIL – Customer Service FAIL – Blog – Mike Dell's World

I’m going on Day 3 without internet at home. Day 5 of intermittent internet at home. It all started a couple of weeks ago when we had the big Midwest hurricane (as they called it on the weather channel) where we had high winds and gales in the Great Lakes Area. At our house, we … Continue reading Charter Cable Internet FAIL – Customer Service FAIL