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Mike Dell’s World #174 – Pizza nap – Mike Dell's World

I started recording this yesterday. Then I had some pizza and fell asleep. I finished it this morning 🙂

I will add links to the songs played later. I'm rendering a video project and this computer is bogging down right now.

Catch me later!


Mike Dell’s World #173 – Psyco Killer – Mike Dell's World

Topics Covered:

– Psycho Killer in AZ
– Gun and Speech control
– Dave Winer on Twitter
– Sara Palin's Speech
– My Father-in-Law's Cancer (Cancer sucks!)

Songs Played:
– Psycho Killer – The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
– Right Between Your Eyes – Hot Buttered Rum
– Creature – Glass Wave

– Gun Rights Radio Network
– Handgun Podcast
– Handgun World Show

Catch me LATER!