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Mike Dell’s World #131 – The RAT Race – Mobile – Mike Dell's World

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I podcast from the RAT bike tour in Antrim County Michigan. The RAT stands for Ride Around Torch which is a lake in NW Lower Michigan. I was providing Amateur Radio Communications for the bike tour for the Cherry Capitol Cycling Club's Ride Around Torch. The weather was perfect for a 100 mile bike ride.

Then I came into the studio and added a few minutes of talking and some songs.

Hope all is going well with you and thanks for listening!


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Mike Dell’s World #130 – CamperCast #1 with Mike and Kathy – Mike Dell's World

Kathy and I talk while breakfast is being cooked (by Kathy).

We play a couple of songs.. Alaska by Curtis Eller and Apology by Eddie and Kim Laurence

From a campsite in the woods in Gaylord Michigan.


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Mike Dell’s World #129 – Mike Dell's World

Today's show, I talk about the upcoming unplugged camping trip and a bunch more. It's raining here in Traverse City so I play some rain songs.

Still working on my new audio setup. I think I got this one ok.. Let me know what you think.

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