Mike Dell’s World #175 – New Car, New Snow and the Legend of Novi, MI – Mike Dell's World

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We play a song by Chad Hollister which is a cover of “Best Friend's Girlfriend”

Been BUSY BUSY BUSY with lots of stuff.. It's not supposed to be that way in winter around here. I talk about the trip to Novi, MI for my Wife's Work.

NOVI: The name Novi was taken from the township, which was organized in 1832 from Farmington Township. The name was offered by resident Dr. J. C. Emery, at the suggestion of his wife. Residents were reportedly looking for a shorter name than Farmington.

Several popular but historically inaccurate explanations have been given for the origin of the name Novi. One version is that it was named after the 6th tollgate (No. VI) on the Grand River toll road. However, the township was named in 1832 and the toll road was not constructed until the 1850s. A similar claim is made about the township being stop number 6 on the railroad. However, the Holly, Wayne and Monroe Railway (now CSX Transportation) was not constructed through the township until 1870–71, almost 40 years after it was named. A third popular misconception is that Novi was the sixth stagecoach stop outside of Detroit. None of which is really true. I thought it was the interstate Exit 🙂

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I was one of the lucky recipients of a Google Chrome OS – CR 48 Laptop. So far, so good. Even Kathy Likes it! Will have a full review over at GeekoftheNorth.com (audio) and Geeknewscentral.com (text) soon.

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I played “Sentimental Reasons” by Holley Long

I talked about my “new” car.. A new to me 2000 Camry Solara and I talk about what I did with my 215k 1998 Camry and how I expect it to go on and on with my Niece's Husband.