Headlights and Taking Podcasting More Seriously – MDW353

I talk about trying to find headlights for my old tractor and how it’s impossible to find them locally (at the right price or size).

The ham radio stuff I talked about was the SMASH (Sunday Morning Amateur Social Hour) on 3935khz every Sunday at 9am.  (Local to Michigan / Ontario area)
and the IOOK (International Order of Krazies) net on 7185khz at 10:30am (eastern).

I also talk about Podcast Help Desk going 2 times a week (Wednesday and Saturday) and is now a companion show to Podcast Insider. (by Blubrry). It’s my “Help Mike take podcasting more seriously improvement program”.

I’ve been podcasting nearly 16 years and never really took it past a hobby.

This show (although not “scheduled”) is going to be every Sunday if I can (and do have something to say that week).

Not sure what I’m going to do about the weather brief shows.   Something to ponder.