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Saturday Morning Update – MDW317


Hello from the Snowy white north!

Apple caused a panic in the Podcasting world this week and caused my week to be a bit weird.  I update you on what was going on and a bit about the weather (of course)

I will be in Orlando Florida and points south next week.  Maybe have an episode or two from the road.  Stay tuned!  I will be speaking at Podfest on Saturday.

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Adventures in the Airport – MDW315


Recorded in Columbus Ohio after an Adventure in Flying in the winter. I spent 24+ hours at Detroit airport due to weather. It was an experiment in flying to the office in Columbus instead of driving. Result: Driving 6.5 hours. Flying 28 hours. PLUS if the weather sucks while driving I can always pull over. OR not go. Flying, you are kind of stuck. The lesson, DRIVE.

Posting this just before heading to the airport to head home. Hopefully, I will get home more or less on time.

Beagles, Loss and Trucks from the Road – MDW314


Recording from the road. I talk about the loss of a spouse which has happened to a few of my friends lately.

I took Percy (the Beagle) down to Big Rapids for a home visit of a perspective beagle adopter for the MidWest Brew ( ) rescue.

I talk about my car search. Getting ready to buy a new (to me) truck of some sort. No hurry, but soon.

Winter Dark – MDW313


Testing out some music beds from and updating what is going on around here this winter.

I play “Winter Dark” (Like I do every year)

Hope your New Years Eve / Day has gone or will go good (This was recorded on the 30th of December 2018)

Christmas Shopping Mobile Recording – MDW312


Just a little recording while I drove between places doing some shopping.

I was trying out a new recorder setup in my old green truck.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My friend’s Krazy Wabbit Show and his 12 days of “Irksmas”.

Nostalgia – MDW311


I had a bit of nostalgia today driving around town in Traverse City and the Cherryland Mall (now called Cherryland Center and nearly empty). It’s amazing the things you remember about things so long ago.

Also, I talk about some nostalgia about podcasting. When it was a hobby and a form of therapy for a lot of people. I’m sure it still is for some, but sometimes I see the all the business end of it.

Beginning to feel like Fall around here – MDW309

Fall is in the air around Traverse City these days, but the trees are not turning color just yet.  Looking forward to being done with house projects and getting settled in for winter. 2:23 A random place in my show Check out my episode with Evo Terra on Podcast Help Desk this week.  (episode 110)