House and Garage Paint Project – Done

Other than some door and trim issues, the year long painting project is done on our 1940’s log cabin in the woods. Also got the Garage done. Just in time, because we ran out of paint. :)


THANKS! To my Mom and Dad who worked on it a bunch.

IMG_1166 (1)

It seems like I tend put things off until it’s nearly too cold to do anything. This year the weather was with us and we got it done. Now I can enjoy Fall without that big project hanging over my head!

Now to winterize the camper, fix the Gate/fence and other non warm weather projects.

Bad Moods and Traffic Circles DDoP6 – MDW219

Slipping one under the wire here.

I thought this would be a quickly but I ended up talking for 15+ minutes.


I talked about Traffic Circles, Bad moods, Meijer Stores (No Fred) and a few other topics for the 6th DDoP entry 2015.

‘Spending one of these Nights With Kelly’ DDoP 5 – MDW218

I play a mashup from the good old days of Podcast “Back in the Day”.

Spending one of these Nights with Kelly from

Have Fun! and be sure to check out

DDOPC04 – 3 lost days – MDW217

Sorry for the gap here. It was way too busy and noisy at the festival for me to record much.

We had fun at the Sugar Island Music Fest this year.

Got to try out a new hot dog place in Mackinaw City = Weinerliclous

Made it back home by 7pm and crashed hard (very tired). Today I get to take care of getting the camper cleaned out and ready for the next trip whenever that might be.

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