Joining the Old Farts Club – MDW242


Just a quick update today. I talk about turning 50 and my new iPad Air2. I was a guest on The Podcaster’s RoundTable last night. It’s episode (or Round) 65 talking about local podcasting.

Also talk about something I can’t announce yet that I’m calling the Next Big Thing :) Can’t say anything more about it.

Catch me later!

Happy New Year – MDW240

Hope your 2015 was good and 2016 is better.

kellyWhile cleaning up my computer for 2016, I found an old song that I played today from –  One of these nights with Kelly Clarkson


Otherwise, just an update and a couple of Restaurant reviews for Traverse City.



Traverse City Music – MDW239

MDW20151400-300x300Today I wanted to play some music and I turned on the recorder to share it with you.

Sufjan Stevens – Sleeping Bear

Song of the Lakes – White Bird

Cathy Carfagna – Traverse City blues

The Hacky Turtles – Take me there to Traverse City

Detour Bluegrass – Radio Hill

Here is a video that I thought was cool. The Traverse city Lib Dub from 2011

NaPodPoMo Scoreboard Update – PHD234

Basic RGB

I update how I’m doing on NaPodPoMo 2015.

As it stands now, I have 19 episodes out with 11 to go before the end of the month.

I have done:
12 Mike Dell’s World episodes
3 Podcast Help Desk episodes
3 Geek of the North Episodes
1 Two Thumbs Up Media Episode
19 Total Episodes in November 2015

This means I will have to do MDW every day for the rest of the month (9 episodes) and 1 each of PHD and GOTN. I can do it! :)