I have a new Ham Radio Call Sign – K8LMJ

k8lmj-1Since 1987 I’ve held the call sign N7LMJ. I got my license in Idaho so therefore it had the “7” in it for the 7th call district. At the time, I was in the USAF and was moving around the world every once in a while so I decided to keep the call the same.

I moved to Michigan (I should say I came home to Michigan) in 1993 and decided, again, to keep the call sign.

After pondering it a bit, I figured after 22 years back in Michigan, I should really get a call sign that is in the 8th call district (Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia). So, to that end, I looked for a new call. The FCC, sometime in the 90’s, started a program for Vanity call signs for Amateur Radio where a ham could request a custom call, as long as it was available, and pay a small fee. They would get the call issued if they were the first to request it. I found that K8LMJ was available. Being as I was used to “LMJ” and everyone knew me with that call, I figured it wouldn’t be too hard for people to get used to the K8 part. So I went for it!

As of Today, my call is now K8LMJ.

*** in case you are worried that I posted an official document on the web with my address and FRN number from the FCC, Don’t. It’s all public record. If you want to look up a callsign of some ham and get a copy of their license, just go to: http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls/index.htm?job=home

Mike Dell’s World #209 – Scams, More Banjos and an Update from Traverse City


An update from Traverse City.

I talked about some scams going around the interwebs. And played a couple of tunes.

A normal Mike Dell’s World.

Catch me later!

Ham Radio Podclass Reposted!


Over the years, John Martin, KF8KK and Me, Mike Dell, N7LMJ get periodic inquiries about the old Ham Radio Podclass that we did a few years ago. It was the first podcast that taught you what you needed to do to pass the Technician and General Call US Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) FCC tests.

*** NOTE: This information is good, but the FCC test questions mentioned are out of date. See: http://www.arrl.org/question-pools for up to date questions for your test.

I’ve decided they needed to be made public again via podcasting. To that end, I have posted all the OLD classes in order in an RSS feed, They will be listed on iTunes soon.

The Feed Address is http://mikedell.com/feed/hamradio/

The landing page for these episodes is: http://mikedell.com/podclass/

There is also a playlist available on that page that contains all the episodes in order.


Am I in the right place?

Yes, if you wanted to come to MikeDell.com, you are here.

I’ve been tweaking the site again.  Trying to make it look a bit better on mobile devices and getting ready for “Podcast Season” otherwise known a the deep freeze of winter in the northwoods of Michigan.  When the only thing you can do is shovel snow, scrape car windows, tend the fire in the stove along with other indoor pursuits such as Blogging and Podcasting.

I’ve also been playing with Powerpress 6 beta.  Notice the big buttons to subscribe on the sidebar?  (if you are not on a mobile device)  If you are, go to the subscribe page and you will see them.   They make it easy to get subscribed to the podcast so you won’t miss an episode. IF you are on an iThingy (iPhone, iPod or iPad) you hit the purple button. All others (including iThingys) can press the orange button.

Take a look around.  I’m sure things will keep changing as I continue to “tweak ” things.


Mike Dell’s World #208 – What’s Up With That?

This is the What’s up with that addition with Jim Farley.

Jim and I talked about a whole lot of stuff and played a Hot Buttered Rum track.

We reminisced about the old What’s Up With That? Podcast we used to do.

Also, Don’t be a Dumbass! :)

Mike Dell’s World #207 – Banjo’s, Planes, Bongs and other things


I’m back with another Mike Dell’s World Podcast

Some of the subjects I talked about were (but not limited to)
-Banjo Music (Two tunes from Todd Taylor (The Banjo Man)
-Kathy’s new gig
-Airline Pilots gone wild
-Iraq meltdown
-Gay Marriage
-And more!

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Tom Wiles – Trucker Tom’s Podcast
Jim Farley – Musical World Podcast

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