The Dog Days of Podcasting – MDW212

I am planning on participating in the Dog Days of Podcasting 2015. August 4th though September 4th this year. This means I’m going to put out an episode every day for 31 days. Likely they will be 3-5 minute updates.

Otherwise, this is just a short update. I will have much more starting the 4th of August.

Check out the dog days of podcasting here:

Why do you need that gun?


I get this question from Pro Gun Control people all the time. “What do you need that gun for?”

I’ve thought about the answer and I’ve come up with this. “I don’t know”. I’ve always said that a good answer to any question can be I don’t know.

I don’t know what I might need my gun for. The fact that I don’t know doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have it available. The fact that I don’t know is a reason all by itself. Just like I don’t know why I would need a fire extinguisher for in my house. It could be that my furnace catches on fire, it could be that forget something on the stove and it catches fire or I might need it to fight my way out of the house if the whole place goes up. I don’t know.

I might never *need* my gun. But, if the need arises, I will be very happy that I do have it. In fact it’s my great hope that I NEVER NEED my gun. Just like the fire extinguisher I have in my home, the Life Jacket I wear while boating, the safety belt I wear when I climb my Ham Radio Tower or the spare tire I keep in my van. I hope I never NEED any of that. My gun is just another tool that I may find handy some day.

The fact that I own a gun and am licensed to carry that gun in public (out of sight) and can, if I choose, carry it in plain view without that licence, does not mean I’m some sort of gun nut. It doesn’t mean that I’m looking for a fight. It doesn’t mean I’m paranoid. It just means I choose to have just one more tool for the things I don’t know might happen.

For the record, I had to qualify for my licence to conceal carry my gun by submitting my background to the State Police and FBI along with my fingerprints. I had to authorize them to check my mental health status and judge my character at a county gun board meeting. (They are doing away with the gun boards in Michigan at the end of this year). I also had to complete a training course that includes the law and rules for CCW, safe gun handling and accurate shooting. It also requires me to practice to keep that license when it comes time to renew it. I’m one of the good guys. The majority of gun owners in Michigan and in the USA are responsible and (for the most part) are the good guys. Any restrictions put on us lawful, responsible gun owners will not stop the kind of mass shootings that show up in the news from time to time. These events are sad, but… If you notice, they mostly happen where lawful gun owners can not carry their guns. Churches and Schools for the most part. You never see this kind of things in Gun shows, Gun shops or other places where lawful carry is common.

The point is. I don’t know, and neither do you.

Traverse City Podcast is Live!


The Traverse City Podcast is live!

Check it out at

It’s a new show all about what is going on in Traverse City. It’s for Visitors, Locals, snowbirds and anyone who wants to keep up with what is happening around NorthWestern Michigan.

The official launch day will be May 22nd, 2015 but I’ve been doing some “Test” shows. The first of those went up today.

Please, let me know what you think of the website design or anything else.

10 years of Podcasting


Last night I put out a podcast ( where I talked about my 10 years in podcasting and the changes I’ve made to the way I do things, the different shows I’ve done and all that great history. As near as I can tell, I started somewhere around the 15th of April, 2005 with the Benzoid Report Podcast (from Lake Ann, MI in Benzie County). I have lost the first 35 episodes of that show so I’m not exactly sure. If you find Benzoid Report #1 out there somewhere, please send me a copy or send me a link.

I will be at the New Media Expo and NABShow in Vegas next week and plan on using my personal blog ( for updates. Check back at my personal blog for reports or better yet, subscribe in an RSS reader for updates to be pushed to you. The RSS address is

More updates as I go..

MDW 211 – From the Road

I turned on the Mic as I was leaving Alpena Michigan driving along US 23 on the shores of Lake Huron in Northeastern Lower Michigan.

I talked about a lot of things so you will have to listen :)

[audio src=”″]

Bad Day For an F-15 Pilot caught on “film” by his Wingman

In spite of the calm language, this must have been a heart- stopper for the pilot.
His Wingman took these photos..!!


There I was, Just Flying along, enjoying the flight at 20,000 ft, minding My Own Business

And What’s so cool is they actually pay me to do this!


What’s that strange sound? Something feels different here!


Hey, Why am I looking up. ?


Whoa there. What the hell??? The Controls aren’t working!!!


Time for a mirror check…
Hey, Where’s the rest of my F-15. ?

ATT00057Uh oh, it’s over there…

I think I’ve got a definite’…….
Aw, sh*t. ‘
What the Hell is going on here? I gotta wonder, am I the first guy to ever experience a ”Cockpit – Airframe separation anxiety attack,” ? ?


OK, Enough is Enough, !…I’m outta’ here,!
But first, the canopy has to go.

Phew….. At least that’s now out of the way..


Got it.. I’m gone. !!!!!!
This ‘incident’ caused the USAF to ground its entire fleet of F-15’s.
How about the guy who took these pictures. ?

Just when it looks like it’s going to be just another “average day at the office,” …
What caused the mid-air break up?
The main “longeron” (stringer) behind the cockpit failed due to corrosion.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time (the Photographer)…
or the wrong place at the wrong time (the Pilot)…..

MDW-210 – Radio Sucks, but I’m on it!

Omelette on WKLT

Me Bitching about Broadcast media :) (


Cold here in Traverse City!!

Ham Radio Podclass – Reposted


Work Going to Vegas!

Too many jobs.


Podcast Starters
Mike Rants

Today’s featured music was from Hot Buttered Rum – CD LIMBS AKIMBO

Honkytonk Tequila
Great many Things
Desert Rat

Experimenting with WordPress 2014 Theme Customizations.

You will notice that I’m playing with the look and feel of this website.

I’m a firm believer that simple is better. BUT simple doesn’t have to boring.

So, unless I say otherwise, whatever you see here is still using the stock 2014 theme. I have been playing with some plugins that let me change the colors and a few other minor things, but for the most part, this site is still “stock” 2014.

Be sure to check back to see what crazy crap I come up with :)