New Toy in the Studio – MDW305

I got a new toy in the studio.  A Denon DN-300R digital recorder deck.  Now I can record WITHOUT the computer in the studio.

Also, I updated our renovation projects and other things going on in Traverse City.



Building Your Brand on Someone Else’s Platform – MDW303

I update my tobacco free status (3+ Weeks) and talk about Facebook, YouTube and whatnot. Just remember, no matter what other place I am at, I’m always going to be right here on

Also, Do you know of any other “Personal Journal” type podcasts like this one? I used to listen to a lot of them, but I sort of think this may be a dying art form. Let me know

Recording today was done with a Logitech Headset mic I got while I was in Ohio.  It’s not the best, but I’m sure not the worst way to record a podcast 🙂



Quit Facebook?

With all the crazy news about Facebook and privacy, a lot of people are wanting to quit Facebook. I’m not one of them. I will stay on Facebook, but I’m making other plans (this website). I have a plan so that if Facebook somehow goes away, or I get fed up with it, or they kick me off it for some reason, people that know me can always come to Maybe we should all go back to the personal home page instead of building our brand on other’s platforms. With this website, I have my platform.

There was some news lately about YouTube (Google) banning gun related videos. Those people that *thought* they had a platform, no longer have a place to put out their videos. They have lost the connection to their audience.

That will not happen with me. will ALWAYS be my connection to my audicance (such as it is).

I will use YouTube, Blubrry, Apple, Google, twitter and Facebook to publish and promote things, but when all else fails, MY own website will be here.

Also, my rule is, if you are worried about someone getting your info, don’t put it on FACEBOOK! 🙂

Tobacco Free Soon – MDW302

I’ve been addicted Tobacco in various forms for the last (wow! long time) years…  I am finally going tobacco free totally starting in a few days.   Wish me luck!

I’m having some dental work done and after my appointment on Tuesday, I am going to quit all together.  Along with losing weight it’s going to be hard, but I think it’s time!

Again, wish me luck!

If you have any ideas on how to make it less difficult, please let me know. or on Facebook or Twitter.

The AR-15 is Not the Problem – New Laws are Not the Solution

With all the talk about Guns lately, specifically the AR-15, I have some thoughts about this.


First off, let’s clarify what we are talking about when we talk about the AR-15.  The AR-15 stands for “Armalite Rifle model 15”.  It is (in it’s stock form) a 223 caliber (same as a 22 rifle with a bit more powder behind the bullet) SEMI-automatic ( 1 trigger pull, one bullet comes out) rifle that LOOKS like it’s military counterpart, the M-16.   That is where the problem is.   The M-16 A1 was a FULL automatic (meaning machine gun) select fire gun.  The A2, A3 and A4 are 3 round burst or Full Auto select fire weapons.  (meaning pull the trigger and 3 rounds come out) The AR-15 is NOT an Assault Rifle.  It just looks like one.  There are many less military looking rifles out there that do EXACTLY the same thing and in more powerful calibers.  So banning the AR-15 is not going to help. Period.

M16A4 selector

Second, Banning ANYTHING just makes it slightly more difficult to get.  Criminals and crazies will find a way if that is what they really want.  Otherwise, they will just pick something else to kill with.  They already do not follow laws. Why would they follow one or two more laws?  Look at all the car and knife attacks that happen world-wide with no guns involved.

M16A1 (Old school)

Third, The AR-15 is not a particularly great rifle.  It’s ok, and highly customizable (but hard to convert to full-auto) but it’s not any better than a bunch of other deer rifles and I would argue not as good.  Just so you know that I do know what I’m talking about, I spent 9 years in the USAF with the M-16A1 (full auto) as my main duty weapon (along with the M-9 pistol).  It was good, easy to carry around, light, seemed to work every time we shot, which is the point.  Think of this… The government buys things, including guns, on a lowest-bidder system.  SO, the M-16 was the result of the lowest bidder.  Meaning, there are better guns out there that cost more.

AR15 Selector (note: No Auto or burst)

Now that we are talking about the same thing,  Banning the AR because of it’s looks is just like banning Corvettes because they look fast or banning Lemon-lime soda.  Sort of pointless.

Personally, I don’t really have a want or need for an AR-15.  I have the guns I want and need for my use of guns.  I have my carry pistols covered.  I have a deer rifle (but do not hunt) and a shotgun.  I’m happy with that. BUT, what I worry about is if we let the government ban a type of gun.  Then the next time something happens, they will want to ban that type of gun and before long, we won’t’ be able to have guns.   The slippery slope argument.

I don’t have a problem with better background checks and background checks for private sales and gun shows as long as it’s not hard to expensive to do. A reasonable fee and non-cumbersome process would be just fine with me.  We already have laws that cover who shouldn’t get guns. We need to enforce them. Not make up new ones.  Changing the age limit to buy guns wouldn’t really bother me but it wouldn’t helped in most mass-shootings because most of the shooters either were over 21 or got their guns in another way.

Magazine capacity is not the problem either.   With 10 round magazines and a skilled shooter, they can still get a crap-load of bullets down range.

In other words, this knee-jerk reaction to a tragedy is not going to help anyone.  Just like airline security, it’s just a feel good thing but doesn’t really do much for real safety.

What is the solution?  I haven’t got a clue.  Sorry, I don’t, but what has been proposed is not it.  I do know that much.

NASCAR 2018 Season Starts

As I write this, the pre-race coverage of the Daytona 500 is going on. I’m looking forward to a new season of NASCAR racing.

A lot of people think it’s funny that I would like NASCAR. Even I think it’s a bit strange, but what can I say? I really do enjoy the stories and stats from the races. There are a lot of underlying stories that get told off the track. The personalities involved on this type of “sport” are very colorful.

I’m a fan of Kyle Busch (#18 Toyota). I also like Brad Keselowski (#2 Ford), Chase Elliott (#9 Chevy), Denny Hamlin (#11 Toyota) and a few others. The only racer that I don’t like (and when I say I don’t like I really mean I just don’t want to see him win, but as a person I’m sure he’s fine) is Jimmy Johnson (#48 Chevy). Jimmy has a nickname in our house. Jimmy F##king Johnson 🙂 It’s just that he has been so successful over the years that I’m ready to see others win.

This year we will be missing Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt Kenseth and Danica Patrick. There are a ton of rookies and younger drivers coming up this year and it will be very fun watching how they do.

A lot of teams that have been dominant in Cup racing have changed up a lot. Way too many changes cover here. 2018 NASCAR Cup Driver List

All in all, I think it will be an interesting season in NASCAR Cup racing (I don’t mention sponsors in this blog)

As they say on Fox Sports: “Let’s go racing boys! (and Girl for one more race) ”

My Own Tech Bubble Bursting – MDW301

Had my own personal tech bubble burst.  Ended up with a new iPhone 8+, A new Router (the old one was 11 years old!) and just now found out my compressor/Limiter/Gate is 1/2 dead.    Oh well.

I moved the studio back down to the Office in the basement and recorded this using the PR40 mic instead of the headset I’ve been using for a while.  Let me know what you think of the sound.


Trip Through Memory Lane – MDW300

Well, I made it!  300 episodes.  I was a bit under the weather so I didn’t do the episode on New Years.  I was sleeping trying to get rid of a cold or blowing and shoveling snow.

I’m not going to write a lot of show notes for this one.   Just listen to it for a few surprises.  🙂

Here is to another 300!