Bits and Pieces – MDW327

Just a bunch of bits and pieces of updates here and a little soapbox.

I talk about:

Selling the pickup truck
International Podcast Day sessions ( and
Cable cutter update
“Mighty” Size Drinks at Speedway
“24 inch CLASS” TV's

Thanks for listening!

New Van and Other New Toys – MDW326

Just an update.    I talked about a few links:
Traverse City Weather (Alexa News Brief Skill and Daily Podcast)

I got a new Van.   A 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.
I've been driving UBER XL with the new van the last couple of weekends.



TV Cable Cutter Update – Better Than Rabbit Ears! – MDW325

Just an update about my cable cutting project. I found an amplifier that I got a long time ago when I *thought* we were going to cut the cable. It allows me to power 2 TV's with the same antenna setup. I wired that up tonight and we get everything available over the air up here now. Kind of proud of myself 🙂

Also, as you might have noticed, I've been playing with some ad insertion tech from the company I work for. You may hear some “injected” audio (ads) in this show at least up to 7-19-19 After that, who knows what you might hear in those spots 🙂

I will have Barry Kantz on “Your Podcast” over at blubrry on Monday. Take a listen over at

Happy 4th of July to those in the US and Happy Canada Day (yesterday) as well!

White Squirrels (Repost from 2009 with intro) – MDW324

Walking with the White Squirrels from September 2009.

Hopefully the reprocessed audio is better than it was. Sorry about the last episode's audio being low. Won't happen again 🙂

I Think I May Have To Build an Ark – MDW321

It's been very rainy here in Traverse City lately. Lake Michigan is at a high water level which makes my basement into a bit of a swamp.

It's a cycle and it will go back down I'm sure. Lets hope for a hot and dry summer up here!

Old Truck vs. New Car – MDW319

Should I buy a NEW car or an old truck?

Old trucks (and cars) are simple, analog, easy to work on and troubleshoot. New cars are full of crap like “Body Control Modules” and “Anti-lock brake controllers” Shit that cost a ton of money to do something that is mostly un-needed.

I'm toying with the idea of getting a Classic daily-driver from the 60's or 70's. For the most part, I don't drive a lot. If I buy an old truck, in 10 years, I will still have an “old truck”. Might even be worth more than I pay for it or not, but it won't be 10's of thousands of dollars less because it's a new-fangled car that looses money by the second.