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MDW 96

Fall is falling around here. The leaves are turning colors and the air is a bit cool. Been wet and rainy the last couple of days.

Autumn Girl – by Snowball Johnny

Personal stuff
Fall Sugar Island Trip
Run/walk program – Runner's World 5k in 8 week plan
Next Goal = Getting healthy to get my CDL
Life with a 14 year old
House in Lake Ann is Rented!

Island – by CJ Kueger

Bailout plan fails
Stock market down (for now)
Don’t panic! – Read the blog post here.
McCain and/or Obama are not going to fix your life

Relax your mind – by Molly and Sunny Boy

– Time management – Busy now, Looking forward to winter slowdown
– need to setup my studio better

Autumn Leaves by Jack Jezzro

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