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Due to Recent Events in the News – MDW347

photo credit Jim Farley

Just a mini-rant / update from the Bunker at Mike Dell’s World Studios in Traverse City Michigan.  Talking about censorship and other things due to the “Recent events in the news”.


Hope all of you are safe and healthy!


Just know… IF I go away from whatever platform you are looking at, I can always be found at

Truckers, Restaurant Workers, eNASCAR and Airlines with a Guest – MDW346

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Did this sort of live via Zoom.  Had Shawn Thorpe ( ) drop by and we had a great talk about the issues with the current situation with Trucker, Restaurants and the Airlines among other things.

We also talked about eSports and the fact that NASCAR is doing eNASCAR this week on FS1 network TV.   They are running a virtual race on the track they would have been on this weekend using iRace (whatever that is)   Should be fun seeing the normal broadcasters doing a video game race as if it was a real one.

I’m thinking of doing a virtual Happy Hour thing a few times.  Stay tuned to my Facebook for into on how to join in ( )


Why Toilet Paper? – MDW345

Why are people hoarding Toilet Paper?   I don’t know.   BUT it is happening.

Check out this article from Time Magazine 

I talk about the COVID-19 outbreak and some of the things to think about and wonder about.    I have no “FACTS”.  Nobody does.  It just my impressions, opinions and what I have heard, read and seen.

I talk about Social Distancing and why it’s a good idea ANYWAY.   Regardless of what is going on right now.

Be careful out there!

Daylight Waisting Time – MDW344

My thoughts on Daylight Saving Time:

  • Leave it on DST year around
  • Later Sunrise right now sucks
  • Dogs can’t figure it out

TV Networks Greedy or Stupid?  Same with Newspapers.

Ham Radio APRS stuff

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Other Ham Radio Activity:

Midcars;  7.258mhz LSB Mornings
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Godaddy Hosting – Good to Crappy in 3 Months

Since 1999, I have had on the web.  The first few versions of it were just done on plain old HTML and then later FrontPage.  I went through a few web hosts over the years since around 2003 I’ve been on Godaddy hosting and WordPress.  I was on the mid-level shared hosting on Linux which allowed several websites to be hosted.   It was all going great for 17 years, until Godaddy informed me that I couldn’t update my PHP to the version needed to run the current version of WordPress and PowerPress.  They were getting rid of the servers that I was on an I had to move.

NORMALLY, when a web host wants to move you, they just move you and you don’t really have to do anything.  They just do it for you and it all goes well.  In the case of Godaddy, that was NOT the case.  Not only did I have to buy a plan (I got what I thought was the equivalent “new” hosting plan on the newer style servers.   Not that big a deal, but then I found out they would move my sites, but for $199 EACH!  –  STRIKE ONE

So, they send me some lame instructions on how to move a WordPress site ( I had 5 at this point ).  I just did it the way I know how and it did work.  The trouble started very shortly after that.  All my sites went down one day a week later.  I tried and tried to get to any one of them with no luck at all.   I called into Godaddy and they said first there was an issue they were working on.  SO I waited another day or two.  Still down.   SO I called back in.  This time they said, “you are using too many resources.”   I asked,  Really?  I have 5 WordPress sites and none of them are very busy.  The nice support lady said I should upgrade to the next level of shared hosting.   Since I had paid for a year at a time, I would have to pay the whole year at the new level (pro-rated) on the new plan…..    OK…. I suppose if you think it will help.   So I upgraded.    Sites came back but were a bit slow.  Figured it would take time to get back up to speed.

A week later, they were all down again.    This time they told me it was Malware on my sites.   I asked “what malware”  They said….   “Well, we can do a scan but you have to buy our super-duper security service for your site.”  “You know WordPress is very prone to be hacked”   That will be $39 per month.   (I refused because they were full of crap FYI) I gave it a bit of time.  Got rid of some plugins and things I didn’t really need and generally cleaned up a ton of unused stuff on the server.   It sped up a bit after that.

Then, a couple of weeks later…  Sites are down again.   I called in, and got the “you are using too much resources” thing again….. IOk,  I call Bullshit.  I asked them to tell me WHAT, in my very low traffic sites, is causing your server so much trouble?    They couldn’t tell me without a consult ($$$) with their “server team”,  but offered yet another expensive upgrade.   STRIKE TWO!

I moved at that point.  It moved to Blubrry PowerPress sites (Use my Promo code MIKE for a free month if you want one) and I’m using to take the feed traffic off the site. (Update, I moved to A2 hosting as well)  It’s now a rocketship, but that still left the other 4 sites, slow as shit.    I called again and was told “You are using too many Resouces.   STRIKE THREE!

I went on a search for better hosting.   I found A2 Hosting right here in Michigan (Ann Arbor) and the price was about the same as I was paying for many years at Godaddy before the “upgrade”.  I signed up and figured I would try it.   Well, the first thing I noticed was the test site I put on there was VERY fast.   No issues with downtime, no issues with any other troubles.   I also saw on A2’s website that they will move sites for you.  (I was skeptical) but I thought “What the heck?”.  I put in a request and they asked for my login info to my Cpanel over a godaddy.   3 hours later, all my sites were copied over with all the settings, passwords and everything.   All I had to do was switch the DNS’s.    Less than 12 hours from start to finish,,, and were moved, had shiny new FREE SSL certs and were VERY fast.

I’m not sure what went wrong at Godaddy.  They were always very good and I’ve been an affiliate of theirs over the years. I think what might have happened is the guy that started it, Bob Parsons left the company.   He was a very strong CEO and had the customer in mind, not just making money.   Their support used to be top-notch.  Now they are just upselling. Upsell upsell upsell in support.  Throw money at it.  Extract every sale you can even if it’s not needed.    I still use them for domains (for now).  But I have canceled my hosting plan and (Very overpriced SSL Certificates.

I am an affiliate with A2 hosting now (none of my links are in this article) and so far I am a very happy, former Godaddy Hosting customer.


Old-School Podcasting and Health Focus – MDW-342

A bit more of a health focus in our household.

  • Kathy and I are doing “intermittent fasting” I need to get some weight back off.  I lost 30 pounds last year and put 15 back on.
  • Doing some more walking, biking and general activity.
  • I quit drinking coffee (for now).

Planning on doing some YouTube lIve or Facebook Live videos.  Not sure yet which one or when.   More to come.

Getting my mobile podcasting setup tweaked.   Got a Lav mic I can use while walking.  Have the portable setup going as well for hotel room/travel episodes.  Also, I CAN podcast from my phone with reduced audio quality.

I remember back when podcasting started, there was a thing called a “Sound seeing tour”.  That was a lot of fun for me to listen to others do it and I am guessing it might still be fun to listen to.  Bring back some of the indie podcaster type stuff that used to happen a lot in podcasting.   Podcasting is becoming more main-stream, but there is no reason we can’t enjoy making and listening to some old-school podcast episodes.   I plan on doing that a bit.

Check out my recording with Kate from Blubrry Pro Productions.  We had a blast!    Click here