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Wordcamp Columbus

I’m sitting here in the motel room just about to take off for home. I attended Wordcamp Columbus yesterday morning and I have to say, there are a lot of very smart people using and adding to wordpress.

I recorded some sessions and will have to go though my notes, but expect some good changes here at MikeDell.com (not a major redesign) Just some tweaks to functionality. I learned something I never really thought about before (yes, I’m thick sometimes). That is, that WordPress and other CMS (Content management systems) are around so you DON’T have to worry so much about design if you get it right. All you need to worry about is creating content.

I’ve learned about some great plug-ins which I will check out in the future. I also got to meet some great people from automattic.com (the people behind wordpress.com)

More to come about Wordcamp Columbus 2009 soon. I have 400 miles to drive and all day to do it. Hit “track me” to see where I’m at on my trip.