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Good News, Bad News Update – MDW249

Some good news, some bad news (very bad news) in this episode.

Life is getting back to “normal” but it’s been a rough few weeks when it comes to dogs. We lost our 4 year old beagle Banjo to an injury that couldn’t be fixed. Then we got a new Puppy (Benny) who is a handful but very cool.

I will be presenting at the Podcast Awards on Sunday June 26th at 8pm. If you want to watch live, it will be at PodcastAwards.com

The Traverse City podcast lives again. Check it out at TraverseCityPodcast.com via Blubrry PowerPress Sites.

The Rain Stopped

When I woke up this evening, I saw the sun! For a short time anyway. It quit raining for a while. We had almost an inch of rain here and everything is greening up around here. Maybe I will get to try out the new lawn mower this weekend without the dust chasing me off.

We are planning to do a What’s Up With That? Podcast in the morning so stay tuned for that.


Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice and host of the Geek News Central has soft-launched podcastFAQ.com . This is a great place for you to go if you don’t know a lot about podcasting or you do know a lot about it and would like to learn more or pass on your knowledge to others.

So, when you talk about podcasting to someone that doesn’t know much about it or asks the question “What is this podcasting you speak of?” you can send them to PodcastFAQ.com.

Podcast FAQ