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Happy Birthday Mackinac Bridge – NaPodPoMo – MDW224


I played a recording of the Ann Arbor Children’s House school kids and teachers signing the Mackinac Bridge Song (which was taught to all us kids back in the day)

The Mackinac Bridge Song

Chorus: Oh the Mackinac Bridge (oh the Mackinac Bridge) She’s a mighty fine bridge ( she’s a mighty fine bridge) Five hundred feet high (five hundred feet high) and five miles long (and five miles long)

Verse 1- In the straits of Mackinac there’s about as much water as you ever saw and the folks who lived there tried and tried but the couldn’t get across to the other side, couldn’t get across without a boat or a plane couldn’t get across without out a trolley or a train couldn’t swim across it was as cold as a fridge! So they thought they better build themselves a bridge.

Verse 2- So in nineteen hundred fifty-four they started linking shore to shore from Mackinaw city to St. Ignace town, and the men on the top didn’t dare look down! In fifty-seven the work was through, and there she was all shiny and new so they had a big party and they called out loud
“She’s the Mackinac Bridge and we are proud!”


For those who want to read about the bridge, here is link to the book of knowledge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mackinac_Bridge


Northern Michigan has been under a red flag warning for the last couple of weeks. (that means an extreme wildfire danger) Today we are getting a good “frog strangler” of a rain. (as Jim Farley puts it) We are supposed to get an inch of rain today. Only problem is, that my driveway is becoming a sixth great lake. (Lake Dell?)

Oh well, I will take it! Beats the dust we have had for a few weeks!

Now I can put my new mower to use once the grass recovers.

Besides, it’s great sleeping weather and that’s what I need right now.

So I’m going to write one more post to be released later today and off to bed I go!