My Own Tech Bubble Bursting – MDW301

Had my own personal tech bubble burst.  Ended up with a new iPhone 8+, A new Router (the old one was 11 years old!) and just now found out my compressor/Limiter/Gate is 1/2 dead.    Oh well.

I moved the studio back down to the Office in the basement and recorded this using the PR40 mic instead of the headset I’ve been using for a while.  Let me know what you think of the sound.


Trip Through Memory Lane – MDW300

Well, I made it!  300 episodes.  I was a bit under the weather so I didn’t do the episode on New Years.  I was sleeping trying to get rid of a cold or blowing and shoveling snow.

I’m not going to write a lot of show notes for this one.   Just listen to it for a few surprises.  🙂

Here is to another 300!


Moving Snow – Episode 300 coming soon! – MDW299

I talk about moving the snow out of the driveway and what’s coming up on MDW, Fast Food History and Podcast Help Desk in the first week of 2018.

Send me some feedback for show 300.   You can use the voicemail link on this page OR you can send me a file or just write


SLOW DOWN in the Snow! – MDW292

Just read about a 25 year old that was killed in his driveway because someone went off the road an hit him.

Slow down people!

Winter is the time to relax, take it slow, read a book and above all, don’t get in a hurry on the roads. You, and those around you, will live to tell about it.

We had some snow in the area and I played my traditional snow song for the first real snow in Traverse City this season.