Old-School Podcasting and Health Focus – MDW-342

A bit more of a health focus in our household.

  • Kathy and I are doing “intermittent fasting” I need to get some weight back off.  I lost 30 pounds last year and put 15 back on.
  • Doing some more walking, biking and general activity.
  • I quit drinking coffee (for now).

Planning on doing some YouTube lIve or Facebook Live videos.  Not sure yet which one or when.   More to come.

Getting my mobile podcasting setup tweaked.   Got a Lav mic I can use while walking.  Have the portable setup going as well for hotel room/travel episodes.  Also, I CAN podcast from my phone with reduced audio quality.

I remember back when podcasting started, there was a thing called a “Sound seeing tour”.  That was a lot of fun for me to listen to others do it and I am guessing it might still be fun to listen to.  Bring back some of the indie podcaster type stuff that used to happen a lot in podcasting.   Podcasting is becoming more main-stream, but there is no reason we can’t enjoy making and listening to some old-school podcast episodes.   I plan on doing that a bit.

Check out my recording with Kate from Blubrry Pro Productions.  We had a blast!    Click here