He’s Doing it Again! – New Podcast from Mike Dell’s World Studios

Fast Food History is going to be a show about all the fast food places you drive by all the time (or used to). The history of the drive-thru, the burger, the hotdog, Pizza and everything else as told from the perspective of each fast food chain.

This will be a Weekly podcast with a Friday morning release (4am) so go over and get subscribed! FastFoodHistory.org

I have officially killed off several podcasts so I have room for this project.

Dead are: Traverse City Podcast, Geek of the North, 5 Minutes with Mike and Podcast Quick Hits. (along with a couple of private podcasts I was doing}.

I’m down to 4 now 🙂 Podcast Help Desk, Mike Dell’s World, Your Podcast by Blubrry (for work) and now Fast Food History.