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This is the CENTRAL place on the web to do what I do. There is a Blog, My Podcasts, and links to everything else.  If I ever disappear from any social media site you might follow me on, you can always come back to MikeDell.com and see what I’m up to.  

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I am a Geek, Early Adopter, Ham Radio guy, Broadcaster, Podcast Producer, Ex-USAF, Aviation Nut, Husband, Gun Nut, attempted Banjo Picker and all around good guy. I live in God’s country, Otherwise known as Traverse City Michigan USA with my wife Kathy. We have 2-3 Beagles and love living along the shores of East Grand Traverse Bay on Northern Lake Michigan in our 1940’s log cabin.   We foster beagles for Midwest BREW. We have 2 of our own (Benny and Percy) and normally have 1 other foster in the house.

Follow me on twitter @mgdell or on Facebook facebook.com/mgdell/.  I do have Linked In, but I don’t look at it or respond.  It’s just a giant spam generator so use email, facebook or twitter.


I’ve worked in Graphic Arts for over 21 years first at Village Press and then freelance and then for a small print shop in Traverse City.

For the last 11 years I have worked as Tech Support and Sales for RawVoice Inc. (Parent company to Blubrry.com and TechPodcasts.com) I am currently the Customer Support Manager for Blubrry Podcasting.