It’s Magna time! – Honda V65 Magna from 1983

This morning, my wife is dropping me off at the barn and I get to ride my 1983 V65 Magna home. It’s a red letter day!

Normally, by now, I would have the motorcycles home from storage out at the farm. This year, we have been blessed with cold weather most of the spring and we have been very busy with other things.

A little history: When I was in High School in 1983 the Honda V65 Magna was introduced to the world and it was every motorcycle loving 17 year old’s dream bike. I was no exception. Although at the time, I had now way of affording a brand new motorcycle. I was still riding my 1973 Yamaha RD 200 Electric and my Dad’s Honda CB450. Over the years I have had a few other bikes such as a Yamaha 400 Special, Yamaha 650 Special and a couple of dirt bikes. Flash forward to 2004. A friend of mine was buying a Honda VTX 1800C and needed to get rid of his “old bike”. I asked him what kind of bike was it ( I never saw him ride a motorcycle before that ). He said it was an Old Honda Magna and he wanted $xxxx for it. I said I would take a look at it. When I pulled into his driveway I about S*** my pants! It was my dream bike. At that point it was 21 years old and had 25,000 miles on it. It had been layed down but was repaired and ran good. I bought it on the spot.

Since then, I have put about 6000 miles on it and added a few things. A windsheild, an old fart’s backrest and GPS. This year I’m going to add a camera mount so I can do some videos using my flip camera.

Here is a 1983 TV AD for this bike:

The V65 Magna was the fastest production motorcycle from 1983-1986 when they quit making them. It has 120hp and only weighs like 450lbs. They say the top speed is somewhere in the 150mph range. I’ve never had the guts to go that fast.. Maybe someday on a track, but I doubt it. The acceleration is incredible. 0-55 can be done in about 35 feet and 3 seconds. It’s CRAZY fast.. All while getting 45mpg! I’m kind of a slow rider so I never get crazy on it, but it’s nice to know the power is there when needed (or wanted)

This is my motorcycle last fall.

So, I look forward to putting a few miles on it today and then get it cleaned up and ready for the motorcycle season here in Michigan (however short it is)